Purchasing by Bank Transfer

FREE SHIPPING!!! is included on orders of 600 baht or more!

- 80 baht/pkg for the Patches

- 95 baht/bottle for the Spray

- 150 baht/bottle for the No-Rinse Hand Sanitizer


1.  Ordering

i)   Choose online method for which you wish to use and send us (a) the order quantity desired and (b) promotion code, if available.

- On Facebook - First, "Like" us on Facebook so you can send us messages and receive promotional offers. Second, message us on Facebook the order quantity desired and promo code, if available.


- On Kiriproducts.com - Please use the Contact Us section of the website.


- Simply email us at KiriProducts@gmail.com

ii)  KIRI will reply to your message specifying the total purchase amount due (including delivery fee, if applicable) and details of the bank transfer for your payment.

2.  Payment

iii)  Payment is made to KIRI by using a Bank-to-Bank money transfer per the detail instructions in KIRI's reply message discussed above. 

iv)  After the transfer is completed, please reply to our email message (from Step 1 above) with the following payment information:


-          Name and Address for delivery

-          Total Amount Transferred

-          Transfer Date

-          Transfer Time

-          Telephone Number

3.  Delivery

v)  After KIRI has verified the bank transfer, we will ship the product on Thursday (if the order is made before 2pm on the Thursday, except holidays). Delivery will be within 3 business days of the mailing and we will notify you of the tracking number.